What is the Wessex Dyslexia Programme?

Using highly structured linguistic methods, the programme provides multi-sensory tuition on an individual basis for pupils of all ages. A systematic improvement in the reading, spelling and writing skills of dyslexic children and adults is achieved through the phonic and sequential approach of the programme.


Following initial screening tests and assessment, the course is individually planned for each pupil. The scheme is specifically designed to maximise the strengths and improve the weaker areas of language development.

A one hour lesson includes activities from the following:

  • sequencing activities
  • marking and discussion of homework
  • work with reading and spelling packs
  • flash cards and story books
  • topic work with spelling rules
  • written spellings, punctuation and dictation
  • focussed handwriting practice
  • dictionary and thesaurus exercises
  • discussion and setting of homework
  • educational games and activities

Pupils’ files of work equip them with a personal record of their progress through the programme and a permanent source of information for future reference.